Saturday, April 12, 2014

Baby Bag in Pink

One of my coworkers just had a baby girl.  Finally, I was able to create something pink!  Woo Hoo!   I love making gifts for all the baby boys but every now and then it is nice to break out the pink.  
I had this fun patchwork fabric in my stash and it was perfect. I bought a craft bag at Hobby Lobby when I was in Denver. It is the perfect gift bag and  I filled it with a flannel blanket backed in pink, 2 onesies and 2 burp clothes.  
After visiting my daughter and seeing how much my grand baby uses the pacifier clips for pacifiers and small teething toys, I decided to make one  and clipped it to the bag.  Inside the pockets were little bottles of baby shampoo and baby powder.  It was tons of fun to put it all together! 
Onesie with appliqued heart on the front and flannel backed blanket

Bag with appliqued onesie

Burp clothes and onesie
Adding a border of pink and a heart to the front of the bag

Back of the bag

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Denver & Treelotta & Fancy Tiger Crafts

 Spring break brought a trip to Denver to see this cute guy!  He was the hit of the trip, at ten months he is walking, singing, and full of personality...  We had a great time!  In between visiting family members in the area we fit in a trip to Treelotta, a beautiful fabric store and Fancy Tiger Crafts a quirky, fun space for crafters.  
The pictures of Fancy Tiger are blurry but I wanted to give you a little peek inside Fancy Tiger Crafts.  
I have been sewing a baby gift for a co worker who had a little girl. Finally, I was able to work with pink!  Pictures on my next post.  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Baby Gift/Car Blanket

I was hoping for a sunny weekend but today brought cloudy skies and lots of rain.  I spent the day stitching away...  
 Burp Cloths
 Flannel Backed Receiving Blanket
3 Burp Cloths, Receiving Blanket with car appliqué and Crinkly Car 

Wrapped and ready to gift to a new baby boy!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Vancouver, Canada

Lucky me, I was able to travel to Vancouver,Canada for a training for school.  Vancouver is gorgeous with mountains and the ocean.  While visiting Granville Island I stumbled upon a quilt shop. The Cloth Shop is a colorful shop with tons of fun fabrics and patterns.  I love this quilt and  bought the kit, I don't usually buy quilt kits but I thought this one might stretch me in creating different blocks.  It was also on sale, it was probably an old block of the month project but it was new to me...  My kit has white fabric instead of brown fabric.   I can't wait to head home and start stitching...
Amazing fruits and vegetables at the many stands in the Market.  Wish we had more time to check out all the shops...

 Flowers, flowers and more flowers...  The snow was falling outside and between the fruit, vegetables and flowers there was so much beauty in a wintery landscape.
 Good night Vancouver, what a beautiful city! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Baby Gifts

This seems to be the year of babies...
Two teachers at my school are having babies, a niece is expecting and I will be a "nana" again this year!  
Since the new year I have been sewing baby gifts. 
I just need to put the baby quilt together for my newest grand baby.  The top and back are done.  I love the quilt and will post pics of it soon.  
I have been making gift sets with a flannel receiving blanket, burp cloths and onesies. 

 This is such a cute little gift set.  The flannel is soft and the ducks, adorable!  
With the three day weekend ahead I am going to make a few more sets while I watch the Olympics. 

Here is a sneak peek of the elephant fabric I used for my new grand baby's quilt.  Zach and Sara announced their news while we were on our trip to Sri Lanka.  I thought it was perfect to create a quilt inspired by our time in "the land of elephants".  This fabric is absolutely adorable!  Check it out at birch fabrics.

I can't wait for grand baby #2 to arrive!  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Tea Country in Sri Lanka

The next stop on our Sri Lanka trip was the Tea Country.  We once again loaded into the van and began the long trek (not very many miles but many hours) to the Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya.  

The Grand Hotel is an English inspired hotel with fireplaces, a large dining room and loads of character.   We enjoyed exploring the little town of Nuwara Eliya. 
The next morning we headed out to see the tea plantations. We visited Mackwoods, a beautiful tea plantation with emerald terraces as far as the eye could see... 
A quick pose with the lush green scenery 

Comparing photos at the tea room at Mackwoods.

Our tour guide, explained the process of tea production.

Enjoying a fine cup of Mackwoods Tea.
A cup of tea
Here we are at The Grand Hotel.  Feeling a little device deprived, we all got a quick internet fix...

Eager to get the full experience, the girls don the baskets and set out to pick some tea.

Here are the real tea pickers-incredibly low pay for incredibly tiring work.  Makes me savor that cup of tea to the fullest...
The ride down the mountains.  See the laundry drying on the rock? 

Back in the van, we are leaving the tea country...

Thank you to Tammy for sharing some of her pictures.  Her new camera took some fabulous pics!  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Yala National Park

Photo taken by Zachary Thomas
 Yala National Park

Yala National Park was absolutely gorgeous!  Leaving the hotel at 5:30 in the morning,  we hopped into our safari bound jeep.  As we entered the park a long line of jeeps were waiting in que.  Our driver was amazing and the first thing he did was take a quick turn to get us out of the jeep line.   The park  was gorgeous with mountains, lush greenery, water holes, and a wide variety of animals residing in a protected sanctuary.  Being surrounded by so much raw   and stunning nature  was such a treat!  
  At about the halfway point we were all surprised when we arrived at the beach  where we took a few moments to put our toes in the sand and eat a quick snack.  We hopped back in the jeep and headed back to our starting point.  
Just a few of the animals we saw were  water oxen (of course), peacocks, bee eater birds, painted storks,  many, many spectacular birds, crocodiles, deer, monkeys,  monitors, wild pigs
elephants, and the thrill of the safari, one very elusive leopard. 
My pictures aren't anything to get excited about but if you scroll to the bottom past my pictures you will see some amazing photos taken by my son.  Visit his blog at to see some of his amazing photos and read about his thoughts about our trip. 
Thanks for sharing Zachary! 

Check out the line of jeeps!

Our driver found the road less traveled ...

A painted stork

This was the craziness when the drivers made the call to each other that there was a leopard perched in a tree...
I called it "Yala Park Jeep Wars".   I never did see the leopard in the tree even with the binoculars, however we had just seen one moments before...

We were lucky we had already spotted a leopard sauntering across the road.  Our jeep driver put it into high gear and we were able to get a quick look at the leopard as she walked deeper into the park. Our driver was thrilled to spot the leopard and he told us that it is a rare occasion when one is spotted so cleary.
No photos but a memory that will last forever...       

Such a gorgeous surprise when we came over a small hill.

The land of beautiful and secluded beaches...
Spectacular Birds

At first we only spotted one elephant.  Patiently sitting, watching and marveling over our luck,  a small herd emerged from the trees.  This picture isn't the best but it was an amazing moment.  
We had a blast!
My pictures definitely don't do the safari justice...
My son is an amazing photographer and he has a few shots and his thoughts about our trip at

Here are a few of his amazing photographs.
The park and the country of Sri Lanka are home to the monitor.  Kind of like Hawaii is home to the gecko, only these babies are huge! 

The thrill of the safari, one elusive leopard...

Monday, January 20, 2014

On our way to Yala National Park

The next stop on our Sri Lanka Christmas Adventure was Yala National Park.  Our driver, picked us up and we made the trek to our next hotel The Elephant Outreach.  This hotel was fairly close to the Yala National Park and that is absolutely the only reason anyone should ever stay there...  
It had clean beds and cold beer (2 good things). 
 We got in late, checked out the dinner buffet and headed out to a nearby town for a different menu.   Ajith, our amazing driver, asked us if we wanted to see a temple on the way. So we stopped by a beautiful temple that was overlooking the ocean and lit up at night, breathtaking views at the top.  It was also a fun experience trekking up the hill with  the local people. The sunset was amazing in this gorgeous setting.  

Take your shoes off and get in line... 

Carvings surround the temple

 First stop - a gigantic red Buddha 

Another place to worship 

Ringing the bell

 Gorgeous Statue overlooking the ocean

View from the top

 As the sun sets families heading home...

Dinner that night was local fare, curry and lots of attention from the waiters  who were anxious to see if we liked the food.  It was our first real local fare and it was delicious!  
  We also drove through town where we saw locals bathing in the small water canals.  It was a party like atmosphere with families by the road, eating, bathing and spending time together. 
Next up, the safari at Yala National Park-